Image of osteopath demonstrating spinal formation at Charlotte Knight's St.James's Surgery


"I am very happy I got the chance to find such a great osteopath. To see that a very significant pain relieve is possible in such a short period of time is amazing. Her focus on the long term resolution of the issue, by giving me the right tools for my everyday life, gave me the confidence back, that one day I will be able to be completely free of pain again. Charlotte is a great osteopath and a very empathic person, where you feel all the time very supported and understood. Thank you very much Charlotte."

"For over ten years I have had regular osteopathy sessions with Charlotte. She is a very experienced and knowledgeable professional with a delightfully approachable manner and style of working. I particularly value her adaptability and responsiveness to my own individual needs."

"I first consulted Charlotte in a crisis- I had so much back pain I couldn’t drive. She patiently and comprehensively assessed my back, (covering both physical and lifestyle aspects). Within very few sessions it was so much better, and by following her advice about movement and type of exercise the improvement has been maintained. Life, of course, gets in the way and when I have unavoidably stressed it I visit her occasionally for some maintenance – I can’t afford to let it deteriorate again. The consulting atmosphere is calm and unhurried, and the treatment both firm and gentle. As a medical colleague I have every confidence in her assessment and treatment, and can thoroughly recommend her from personal experience."

"Charlotte has shown exceptional care at a difficult time for me. I always feel she takes the time to listen. The treatment is specific for me, and has helped enormously. Charlotte gives sound advice, I can't imagine how I would have coped without her."

"Charlotte has a down to earth and approachable manner. I felt at ease discussing all aspects of my health."

"I was recommended by my GP to see Charlotte. Her manner instilled confidence from the start. Friendly, relaxing, yet professional."

"Charlotte gave me great referrals to other holistic practitioners (nutritionalist and homeopath) to compliment my Osteopathic treatment."

"Originally I met Charlotte when she treated me for a back problem. Subsequently she has maintained my back through a twin pregnancy, and in more recent years through training for half marathons and triathlons. She has a very gentle approach to leading a healthy lifestyle, and a wealth of knowledge not only about Osteopathy, but also nutrition and sports science. It is always a pleasure to see her as not only do I come away feeling better but also I have usually learnt something new. I have regularly recommended her to friends and fellow runners."

"My assessment was thorough and well explained. I was impressed with the wide knowledge of both musculo-skeletal problems and pathologies."

"Charlotte has a down to earth and approachable manner. I felt at ease discussing all aspects of my health."

"I have found Charlotte's knowledge of Osteopathy to be extensive, enabling her to successfully treat different problems over the years. She has a gentle and professional manner when undertaking treatment."